My Visit to the OSM Thome office in Mumbai

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My Visit to the OSM Thome office in Mumbai

Life as the spouse of a seafarer is an adventure in itself, filled with the excitement of distant ports, ocean breezes, and the constant ebb and flow of arrivals and departures. However, the transient nature of the seafaring profession often leaves little room for exploring the shores of one’s spouse’s professional life. This was the case for me until a golden opportunity arose – a chance to visit the OSM Thome office in Mumbai, my husband Capt. Rajesh Todiwan’s reporting office.

My husband sails the seas as a part of his job, bringing stories of faraway lands and diverse cultures. He knows my office like the back of his hand, charming my colleagues with his infectious laughter and good humor whenever he pays us a visit and they are fond of him. It is often said that marriage intertwines two lives, not just emotionally and personally but professionally too. So, the curiosity to step into his world, to visit his ‘port of call’ – the OSM Thome office in Mumbai was always there.

The opportunity finally presented itself when he was joining his ship this time. Having met a few of his colleagues from the Thome office during a ship visit to MT Bow Neon, which was calling port in Mumbai, our hometown, I was excited to reconnect with familiar faces and meet new ones in their bustling new office.

Stepping into the OSM Thome office at Andheri, Mumbai was like entering a nice, cosy and well planned space. The office was meticulously designed, reflecting the dynamism of the maritime industry. The warm smiles and greetings from the team made me feel like an honorary member of their close knit community. The hospitality extended to me was overwhelming. Colleagues shared anecdotes, experiences, and the camaraderie that binds them together. It was heartening to witness the warm relationships, a testament to the unique bond formed by shared maritime planning adventures. Believe me it’s an uphill task, a roller costar adventure sitting in office and providing logistic support to their seafarers in different parts of the word along different time zones.

The unexpected highlight of my visit was being a part of the fire drill alongside the office team. It was a thrilling experience, not only for its educational value but also for the teamwork and discipline displayed by everyone. It exemplified the unity and precision that is crucial in both maritime operations and emergency preparedness – at sea or on land.

My visit would not have been complete without meeting the captain of this maritime ‘ship’ – the Managing Director Capt. Arun Mehta and his team. Capt. Mehta’s insights into the industry, shared experiences, and genuine interest in our conversation made me appreciate the leadership that guides this organisation. It’s always wonderful connecting with another seasoned professional with learning and development background. Meeting the Manager Capt. Vishvesh Mehta and the rest of the team further enriched my understanding of the collective effort that keeps this organisation sailing smoothly.

I have to thank Mr. Chetan Bhandari, Sr. Marine HR Manager and Ms. Mansi Kadam for their hospitality. They took me around their beautiful office that reminded me of Singapore; and sharing insights of their work. It was equally wonderful meeting up with Mr. Mayur Sheth and Ms. Anita Bist whom I had interacted with on our ship visit.

This was a voyage of fulfillment, a journey into the heart of the maritime world my husband belongs to. The beautiful office, the warmth of the people, the insightful interactions, and the unexpected adventure of the fire drill made it an unforgettable experience. As husband and wife we continue navigating our respective professional seas, this visit strengthened the understanding that, indeed, we are married not only to each other but also to the profound experiences and communities that shape our lives. This was not just a glimpse into my husband’s world (on land) – it was cherishing some great moments before seeing him off to another work assignment, and I am grateful about it.

Dr. Laxmi Todiwan
Dr. Laxmi Todiwan
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