Inviting All Alumni to Rekindle Memories at the Platinum Jubilee Celebration of Dadar Catering College!

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Inviting All Alumni to Rekindle Memories at the Platinum Jubilee Celebration of Dadar Catering College!

This is an open letter to the Alumni of IHM Mumbai.

I am excited to share with you the latest developments from the planning session of our 70th-year Platinum Jubilee celebrations, an event that promises to be a grand reunion of the IHM Mumbai family.

I recently had the distinct privilege of attending the planning meeting, where alumni from various batches gathered to contribute their insights and ideas. The inclusivity of the forum was heartening, and it was a genuine honor to witness the enthusiasm from our diverse community. The camaraderie between super seniors, juniors, and everyone in between was truly heartwarming.

The meeting was a melting pot of experiences, with alumni spanning from the illustrious 1967 batch to the vibrant energy of the 2009 batch. Personally, I found it inspiring to connect with a senior from the 1967 batch, representing a legacy that predates my own graduation year of 1997 by an impressive 30 years. Such interactions bridged generational gaps and added a rich layer to the fabric of our shared IHM Mumbai experience.

Led by Principal Dr. Srivastava, Heads of Departments, and the dedicated faculty team, the session navigated us through the proposed program for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Not only were our suggestions warmly welcomed, but some of us were also invited to volunteer for sub-committees, leading to a sense of ownership and involvement. The meeting was more than just a planning session; it laid the foundation for a deeper bond among alumni.

As we look forward to welcoming others from various batches and across the globe, a dedicated website for the Platinum Jubilee has been launched, ensuring timely updates for all. Additionally, the alumni association of our esteemed institute has been officially registered, and we are now encouraging everyone to register themselves.

A plethora of engaging activities has been meticulously planned to unfold throughout the year. Whether you wish to attend a specific event or immerse yourself in all the festivities, the door is wide open. This Platinum Jubilee is not just a celebration; it’s an invitation to reconnect, reminisce, and celebrate the journey that unites us all. 

Nostalgia and Memories to Cherish

Dadar Catering College has been an epitome of hospitality education, shaping the dreams and careers of countless students over the decades. As the institute prepares to celebrate this momentous occasion, alumni are invited to be a part of the nostalgia that will sweep through the memories created on familiar corridors, classrooms, and dining halls and the famous ‘steps’. There will be opportunities to reminisce about the late night study sessions rightfully called burning the midnight oil, the camaraderie in the canteen, and the invaluable lessons learned from esteemed professors. Remembering and talking about the stalwart teachers who left a mark on their students.

Meeting the Mentors

This will be a unique opportunity to reunite with the mentors who guided us through the trials and triumphs of our education. Professors and staff members, both past and present, will be there to share stories, impart wisdom, and catch up on the remarkable journeys that we, the alumni, have undertaken since our time at the college.

Bridging Generations: Seniors, Juniors, and Beyond

This celebration is more than just a reunion; it’s an opportunity to bridge the generational gap and create a sense of bonding across different batches. Connect with seniors, share experiences with juniors, and witness the evolving landscape of hospitality education. The Platinum Jubilee celebration promises to be a melting pot of experiences, creating a vibrant experience that ties together alumni from various walks of life.

Celebrating Milestones and Success Together

All those who can must become a part of the festivities as the principal, staff and alumni acknowledge and celebrate the milestones and achievements of Dadar Catering College. From producing incredible hospitality professionals, renowned chefs to earning accolades for innovative programs; our institution has grown in stature and influence. The presence of alumni from various batches will add to the collective pride we feel for the contributions of our institute and the alumni to the hospitality world around the globe.

Contributing to Alma Mater

As we attend the celebration, we must consider how we can contribute to the continued success of our alma mater. We must join discussions on mentorship programs, share expertise through guest lectures, or explore avenues for supporting scholarships for aspiring students. The Platinum Jubilee is not just about reliving the past but about ensuring a brighter future for the next generation of hospitality professionals.

It promises to be a grand reunion, an opportunity to celebrate the legacy of our alma mater, and a chance to shape its future. The institute eagerly anticipates the presence of alumni, as it is said that together we reminisce, reconnect, and recommit to the excellence that defines a great institution.

We look forward to seeing you at the event and creating enduring memories together. Personally for me; I am looking forward to meeting my batchmates, trainees, students and professors. Have heard that many who are not able to travel to Mumbai on the date have planned mini reunions in their own part of the world being a symbolism of the occassion.

Let’s make this Platinum Jubilee a true reflection of the strong bonds that define our alma mater. Let’s create memories that will linger in our hearts for years to come. See you at the grand celebration!

Save the date– 17th of February 2024 at NESCO, Hall No. 5, Goregaon, Mumbai, India. 

For Registration and other information Visit: 

PS: Picture courtesy: IHM Mumbai, with due dredits.

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