Setting and exceeding limits in tough times

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Setting and exceeding limits in tough times

We are spending much of our time at home due to the lockdown and Work From Home which has become a way of life for many of us. Have we got ourselves conveniently into our comfort zones? Is it really comfortable to be in that zone in first place?

It is a domain where nothing really happens. Lethargy sets in easily; there is no innovation and nothing to challenge oneself. It lacks grit and hides any new opportunity making one feel rusted due to lack of constructive productivity. It could be a risky preposition as it starts to impact one’s self confidence rendering the person powerless and settled within his boundaries. Some may get into this mode for the rest of their lives and bouncing back to normalcy may become very difficult. In order to save us from that situation we must ensure that we do not settle; at least not in the comfort zone.

Challenge limits 

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond what is considered impossible. We must know our limits but should never stop ourselves to exceed them. To achieve our true potential there’s a need to challenge ourselves on a regular basis. Achievers are the ones who constantly better themselves by challenging their limits.

It is said that life is like a combination lock and our goal is to find the right numbers. In order to find our true calling or the big dream we must keep trying different permutations and combinations. This will also keep us motivated to try out different things and keep boredom at bay. It is very easy for us to procrastinate so we must resist the temptation to defend ourselves or make excuses. The rule is simple never complain and never explain. Imbibe new learnings in every situation- good, bad, ugly, tough or easy.

You must acknowledge that you have a choice while deciding on the path you’d want to follow in your personal or professional life. Find what keeps you going and what you are passionate about; if you do not know yet. You become what you have decided yourself to be. Failures prepare you for the ultimate success; don’t be afraid to fail. Apart from your talent or skill; grit decides the level of success you’ll achieve. Grit requires you to master your time and learn to manage your activities; that’s also the first principle of time management. It’s all the more relevant now when we are in the WFH mode.

Master Time 

We must attempt completing tasks that are most important or urgent. For the rest consider delaying, delegating or deleting them. It saves efforts and unnecessary stress; WFH brings different set of challenges. Prioritising can ease a lot of pressure that one might be facing as an employee.

Must be done tasks

These are the top priority tasks such as sending an important communication to a client or a report to the leadership team. Handling complaints or resolving issues should also feature here.

Should be done tasks

Handle these tasks only when you finish all the priority ones. Making an important phone call, attending a meeting, briefing employees or planning ahead will fall under this category.

Can be done tasks

These are tasks that will have mild consequences if not attempted but they aren’t the most important ones. It may include conducting a research on competitors so as to meet the market demand or discussing issues with a colleague or a friend. It can also be prospecting or reaching out to a client.

Tasks to be delegated

You need not attempt all jobs yourselves; some can easily be delegated to an efficient subordinate or a colleague. It eases off a lot of stress and gives quality time for all involved to complete the task in the best way possible. It could also mean empowering your subordinates and giving them the opportunity to learn or take up higher responsibilities.

Tasks to be eliminated

Some tasks may have featured in your to do list but on analysing you may not find them to be relevant any more. These can be struck off the list completely.

You can only exceed your limits if you’ve discovered them. ~Roel Van Sleeuwen

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Dr. Laxmi Todiwan
Dr. Laxmi Todiwan
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