Ms. Naina Malika Williams

Mrs. Aileen Sequeira
May 17, 2024

Ms. Naina Malika Williams

I had the pleasure of meeting Naina during the unprecedented times of the pandemic when the world was practicing physical distancing, but the need for social connections became more essential than ever. In that challenging period, Naina, the founder of Bangalore Escapades, emerged as a guiding light. Her creation of an online community called “Travel Heels” exemplified her commitment to bringing women together, offering support both professionally and personally. It was heartening to witness her warm and approachable nature, always ready to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Naina’s generosity and kindness extended beyond the digital world. She not only weathered the storm with resilience but also actively contributed to the empowerment of others. I was particularly touched by her thoughtful gesture of recommending my name to individuals seeking speakers or interviewees. This act showcased not only her professionalism but also her dedication to uplifting fellow professionals, providing encouragement and recognition where it was due.

Beyond our shared experiences during the pandemic, I discovered that Naina and I have a lot in common, especially in our backgrounds with the Navy. Learning about her star daughter, a national swimmer and champion, added a layer of admiration for the resilience and determination embedded in their family. Naina’s presence in the travel fraternity, based in the vibrant city of Bangalore, paints a picture of an incredible woman navigating the challenges of both entrepreneurship and personal commitments. It’s truly a pleasure to share the story of Naina, a shining example of strength, kindness, and the power of connections.

Born into a Defence family, Ms. Naina Malika Williams has experienced postings in numerous cities across India and abroad. Four years were spent in Russia during her childhood, a time when it was known as the USSR. The opportunity to travel to Europe during holidays has been a cherished privilege, with a particular fascination for its beautiful cities, culture, and the enchantment of White Christmas during younger years.

Completing schooling in Delhi and entering college marked Naina’s accidental foray into the Travel & Tourism Sector. Introduced to the industry in 1988 by circumstances related to the Mandal Commission in Delhi, the journey commenced with the first company, People’s Travel. Starting as an extremely small travel agency with a desk at the Ambassador Hotel, it evolved to become the FIRST INDIAN Company representing Sun International, notably at the venue where Aishwarya Rai was crowned Ms. World.

Over 26 years of work experience, Naina has been affiliated with companies like FCM Flight Centre Management, American Express Banking Corp, and Abercrombie & Kent India Private Travel Outbound Company, working alongside some of the best leaders and colleagues. Ryan D’silva, her mentor at American Express, taught her to believe in herself, be proactive, and think outside the box have become integral qualities in Naina’s professional approach making a big impact on her work style. Under Ryan’s leadership, Town Hall Recognition was achieved for implementing a process to handle TMC disputes, reducing conflicts between AXP and the Travel Community.

A significant highlight was handling ground and travel arrangements for the prestigious FICCI Ladies Delegations, traveling to South Africa to meet President Nelson Mandela under the leadership of Mrs. Beena Khaitan.

Naina’s career had its high points, like organising travel for FICCI Ladies Delegations to South Africa. Trade Shows in South Africa, including the Indo Expo Durban, Indo – Durban Expo, Indo-Cape Expo at Cape Town, Rand Easter Show at Cape Town & Durban, were successfully managed by a dedicated team of three. In 2019, the journey led to the creation of Bangalore Escapades, representing Homestays and Adventure Quarry in Coorg and a standalone semi-luxury villa in Weligama, Sri Lanka.

Beyond work, Ms. Naina Malika Williams is proud to be a board member at Ashraya Children’s Homes since 2007. They help destitute women and care for underprivileged children. Her journey shows how resilience, adaptability, and passion can lead to a meaningful career making a positive impact.

Dr. Laxmi Todiwan
Dr. Laxmi Todiwan
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