Ms. Keerti Nambiar

Hospitality and HR Professional

I see it as one of its kind; a fantastic initiative to connect and grow as a fraternity. An all women interactive platform to share industry experiences and learn from each other along the way. The younger budding hoteliers who seek inspiration and motivation to break traditional ceilings at work will never be disappointed here. Happy learning and sharing!

Ms. Ujwala Sonawane

Dean, ITM Institute of Hotel Management.

IWH is a great platform to exchange views, interact with women from hospitality at all levels. This platform should be used to bring in change and value to women in the hospitality sector. Laxmi Todiwan has created a wonderful platform respected by the industry. It is continuing to garner support and is growing phenomenally.

Janet Serrao agarwal

Consultant- Janet Serrao & Associates

One platform that wants to see more women in hospitality across the globe and reach its fullest potential. I believe a women is the women who can empower another women and hence success or failure stories that have moved to success in IWH are a guidance to those wanting to make a place in this industry.

Swapnila Mishra Purecha,

Entrepreneur; Owner- SwapsCouture

It is a great platform to connect with women from the hospitality industry and learn from each other. It is extremely motivating to see women being recognised through this platform.

Ashwini Walawalkar

Regional Account Director, ISS

I think it’s a great forum for all women and to get inspired by each other’s journey. Every journey is special and has lots of learnings, through this forum we can share it with others and it really helps, motivates us all which is really required.

Ms. Mahrukh Mogrelia

Home Chef and Owner- Mahrukh’s Kitchen.

IWH is heart of our Hospitality Fraternity…keep throbbing.

Ms. Matuli Madhusmita Swain

Head Marketing and Communications, Crowne Plaza, Jaipur Tonk Road (IHG).

It is a wonderful initiative – long overdue and am so glad that Laxmi Todiwan decided to do it. Ideas are as good as their execution and the IWH is a great platform for Women in Hospitality to connect and share their stories, their struggles, their strength and their success. We all need this dose of inspiration to be the sunshine on days when you need some push to get through it all. I wish this wonderful platform much success and greater participation from everyone.  Let’s make the best and most of this idea!

Veena Picardo

Freelance trainer, Entrepreneur and Blogger.

IWH is a fantastic and much needed initiative in the field of hospitality.  There is a lot we women can offer in the field of hospitality I am really proud to be associated with it and hope I can contribute in any way possible for the upliftment and growth of this forum. A big thumps up to Ms Laxmi Todiwan to take up this challenge and taking up this far!

Priti Bhanushali Punjabi

Chef – Professor, Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai

Great platform to exchange ideas, connect and grow together!

Pooja Sharma

 Managing Director, Zikr

IWH is such a unique set up and provides a platform where women working in this industry feel appreciated and receive acknowledgement for not only their hard work and effort but also their valuable contribution to the industry and the world in general.

Snehal Khadtare

Owner & Baker at Sweet Moments Chocolatier

IWH is a great platform for women in hospitality industry; it helps women to connect with like minded industry experts. There are success stories of the women shared on the website which motivate others and also serve as a guide for someone on a similar boat.

Neelam Parwani

Owner, Holistic healing center by Nature’s Grace - Alternate Healer practising Reiki, Acupressure and Naturopathy.

IWH is an amazing platform and a big inspiration to all those women who are working in hospitality industry or aspire to work there. The content shared on the website is also of great value.

Virali Modi

Motivational Speaker and Disability Rights Activist, Model, Youth Ambassador.

I think it’s wonderful! Women are powerhouses and having a network of powerful and likeminded women is crucial.

Ms. Ashrafi Matcheswala

General Manager at President – IHCL SeleQtions

IWH is an excellent platform for Indian women in the hospitality industry which is a common belief – “purpose with performance”

Dipal Parikh

Bowtech Therapist and Assistant to the National Coordinator for Bowen Therapy Association of India

Kudos to your thinking Laxmi, I simply loved reading about the stalwarts of the industry like Ms. Shirin Batliwala, Ms. Thangam Philip, Ms. Priya Paul and many more. This platform that you made, gives us a sense of belongingness even after quitting the industry. By sharing life experiences of fellow beings in the same profession, sailing in the same boat, this platform tells us how can I react to the same situation in a better or different way.

Prof. Cathy A. Enz

Academic Dean, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

I think it is wonderful!  Laxmi I support your efforts and believe that you are helping provide support, role models, and insights to other women.

Shubhada Kotibhaskar

Chef Instructor, IHM Mumbai

A great platform for the hospitality professionals. The content and stories are engaging, inspiring and motivating. A great thought and even greater purpose. Congratulations!

Shakuntala Jha

Hospitality Consultant/ Entrepreneur

One can’t overstate the importance of networking platforms for professionals who are a significant part of India’s workforce and contribute in no small measure to all sectors. IWH, a platform started by Laxmi Todiwan dedicated to women in hospitality is an exceptional initiative. It puts the spotlight on professional achievers and pioneers in the hospitality sector, enabling the young blood coming into the business to learn from the best. Laxmi is an achiever in her own right with an excellent work record at the Taj Group of Hotels followed by her impressive initiatives dedicated learning and development. By starting IWH, she has indeed done a huge service to the industry.

Sanah Singh Tomar

Consultant- Executive/ Well being coach

A big thank you to Laxmi Todiwan and IWH for bringing this community together and allowing us to share our adventures.

Kavita Bhatnagar

CEO and Managing Director of Vishal Enterprise

IWH is a great forum for professional women with its perfect vision of inspiring and empowering them. IWH provides a platform where we learn from other's experiences and build a strong vision and life ourselves. It is an excellent initiative that IWH made a unified platform for women across the hospitality industry.  I am honoured to be a part of it and can't thank Ms. Laxmi Todiwan  enough.

Arti Kohli Handa

Director - Sales and Marketing

Indian Woman Hospitality is a great platform, am  honoured to be part of this. All thanks to Mrs. Suchitra Naidu, who I met on a business trip, for introducing me to this beautiful and empowering platform. I believe it has shaped up very well and best wishes are to Ms. Laxmi Todiwan and every lady who is a part of IWH to achieve meaningful success and contribute to the fraternity and the society.

Ms. Sangeeta Bahuguna

Director Hospitality Careers

IWH is a great initiative to bring together the women professionals of hospitality Industry which could be a great learning experience for all of us, to share, care and grow and be the inspiration for the generation next.

Ms. Vipula Gandhi

Managing Partner , Gallup Inc, Washington DC. 

I think it’s a great forum with it's vision of inspiring and empowering woman. To bring women together to learn from, recognize and support one another will help us build stronger societies.

Ms. Nandita Lad Deora

Sales Head - Events, The Palace Halls ,Luxury Banquet venues.

What better way to connecting to like minded women in Hospitality. It is the much needed and a great beginning to what could be a fantastic platform to connect with and take inspiration from.

Chef Vidita Kamat

Owner - Mezclaa- Blend it!

I think it is a brilliant platform for all the women hospitality professionals as well as entrepreneurs to gather at the same level and bring out the best in each other. Also to work towards achieving excellence in their chosen fields.

Sonal Holland, MW

Founder Director SoHo Wine Club & Sonal Holland Wine Academy

It is an excellent initiative that brings together on a single, unified platform, women stalwarts across the hospitality industry. It’s fascinating to see just how much great work is being done by women in this sector; each one adding her unique flair and personality to the profession. Women on this platform must strive to engage, share knowledge and also encourage each other through collaborations. We must encourage off-line events that give as opportunities to meet, network and become good friends. Nothing better than doing this over a few glasses of wine!

Gargi Guha

Director Public Relations, Four Seasons Hotel, Bengaluru

Thanks for this amazing platform, which I know will grow from strength to strength. You're right..... sharing our stories is a great way to inspire others! The website has evolved as one of the real repositories of the stories of women hoteliers . So diverse, as each one's journey has been, yet conjoined by an unflinching, quiet dedication to the calling.

Ranju Alex

Multi-Property Vice President, Bengaluru& Kochi General Manager - Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield

When I first heard about the IWH,  I was very impressed. This is a platform which is very powerful with so many strong individuals sharing their views, holding hands and uplifting the world of women professionals. I am honored to be a part of it.  If my story can inspire even one person out there, I would be so pleased.

Odette Mascarenhas

COO OnM Creative Consultants

I think IWH is a great platform to share, stimulate and get people to understand their own latent dreams and work towards achieving them.

Priya Paul

Chairperson - Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels Ltd.

Thank you so much Laxmi for creating Indian Women in Hospitality. I think you have created a fantastic platform and we should all talk about how we can help make this stronger in the future. 

Zeba Kohli

Chocolatier, Business Woman, Mentor

I think IWH is a great platform for women in the Hospitality Industry to share experiences and offer tips to the budding future women in this Industry.

Vaneeta Arora

Director Housekeeping, The Park, New Delhi

The mantra Inspire. Enrich. Empower! of IWH is admirable and the team should continue to voice the experience sharing and knowledge of remarkable ladies in the hospitality industry.

Alka Patta

Hotel Consultant

Amazing thought that turned up into a reality. It's a platform where we learn about wonderful women from hospitality, their journey, joys and challenges: all at one place IWH. All thanks to Ms. Laxmi Todiwan. Cheers !

Sujata Guin

Vice President - Human Resources Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels Ltd ( The Park )

It is a fabulous initiative and a million cheers to you, Laxmi, for having conceptualized and created this platform that connects women across the globe in the space of Hospitality.  It is informative, a source of knowledge, a great tool for networking and shares such amazing stories of such amazing women!  I wish you continued success with IWH.

Deepali Sengupta

Founder Outreach, Trainer

Lovely initiative to make the group. Looking forward to more stories...more inspiration and fabulous journeys. Also, share great stories.

Utsa Mazumdar

General Manager, Hyatt Place, Rameshwaram

Am so glad to be a part of this wonderful incredible team and a big thank you to you for leading all of us together. Am blessed to meet wonderful human being like you on this incredible platform.

Vishakha Shirke

Multimedia Journalist, Lecturer (Mass Communication)

It is my pleasure to connect with you and to know an excellent motivator like you. I really feel honoured that you want me to write my story for IWH. I always admire the concept of IWH that is acting as a mentor for women in hospitality sector which creates a confidence in them. I wish very best for IWH and fellow members. I will write and share the story soon.

Shatbhi Basu

First female Bartender and Mixologist in India, Owner, Creative Consultants, STIR Academy

I think IWH is a great platform to bring women together to share their ideas and to help break barriers. But more than anything, it could be a platform to help women who do not have platforms as ours to become skilled and have the ability to be gainfully employed and become independent. As women in hospitality, we have the power of education, skill and insight. We should use this to bring about change at every level possible. Together, we can achieve anything.

Bianca deSouza

Executive Housekeeper, Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges, Australia

After completing my dream education in hospitality from IHM Mumbai in 1997, I started my career in Hospitality at Taj Bombay and left as Front Office duty manager after 4 years as I was still hungry to do more research in hospitality management. So in 2001, I moved to Perth, Australia, completed my MBA in hospitality and marketing and I haven't looked back since. My passion for people and the industry has kept me in the industry that I'm proud to be a part of. It however is not a job for me, it's the passion and belief in what I do and would be the same for anyone I believe. So to all you super women who have stuck it out in this male dominated industry, I say...you go girl!! Good luck to IWH and super job Laxmi.

Ujwala Sonawane

Associate Dean, ITM IHM

I am delighted to be a part of the IWH, a platform created by Laxmi Todiwan for all Indian women working in the hospitality industry. It is such a powerful thought just like her. Have known her for long and have seen her willpower and grit. This is truly an empowering process and we can't thank her enough.

Abhilasha Chandak

Blogger/ photographer/ food stylist/ recipe developer/ food writer at Abhiscookbook

The IWh is a brilliant platform for women in hospitality to connect , network and grow together . It will help us get motivated through each other’s achievements. This platform will prove that behind every successful woman there is a force of women guiding , protecting and supporting her.

Priyanka Naresh

Sales & Marketing , Fushifaru Maldives

IWH : Indian Women in Hospitality doesn’t just provide a platform for the well-known personalities in the Industry but also the perfect stage for the upcoming super stars. Creating personalities, and guiding them in the industry is just perfect way to support hospitality as a whole. Belief, faith and encouragement is what I notice through their activities so far and think they are set to achieve the stars with this extreme dedication and passion for the industry. Empower and aspire the women and see no stopping to achieve success and recognition. Thank you for creating this amazing place to resort to and giving us a spark that we all needed. Stay stunning team!

Ms. Avril Sule

Educationist,Trainer and consultant

I have known Laxmi as a student, as a colleague and as a student again! We have two shared passions – Hospitality Education & Training and Housekeeping. When she invited me to join her on her latest mission in rallying together the Indian Women in Hospitality, I thought that this platform might be a third. With her level of confidence, Laxmi has been able to play many roles, whether it be her creative talents of flower arrangement or her viewpoint on a blog or being a Master of Ceremonies for an event. She has a ‘die hard’ attitude that ensures that she will complete any task entrusted to her. If she is passionate about something she will not hesitate to take it on and pursue all that is required to make it happen. She frequently takes chances on doing things which are seemingly impossible. (Cannot imagine what may happen if she visits Las Vegas.) I believe that the birth of the IWH has happened at the right moment in time and will, without a doubt, garner the support of many Indian women who have strived to create an impact in various arenas of hospitality.

Benaifer Kapadia

Director of Sales and Marketing The Chedi Mumbai - A GHM hotel GHMhotels.com

Always ready to learn, share and give. Else what is this experience that we gain day in and day out all for? This is such a powerful platform. Honoured to be an integral part of IWH and will always contribute whatever way I can.

Asmita Desai

Learning and Development Manager at Taj Wellington Mews

I always wondered what next at this stage in my career, I am happy with what I have achieved however I wasn’t sure if I am going right as I had a lot to share and would've loved to do so but how; Was my question. Finally got my answer when I became a part of IWH, I knew this is it! This is the best way to guide and mentor all those aspiring women and also to learn, get inspired as well as empower each other in shaping our future, I am delighted to be a part of this great team and can’t thank Laxmi’s thought of bringing all these wonderful women together.

Gurmeet Ginny Sharma

Senior Assistant Vice President - Express Housekeeper Pvt. Ltd.

I am glad to be part of IWH through this synergy let’s empower each other create opportunities and seek in-house support for our requirements they could be job postings , requirement of services or just empowerment. I think we women should mutually benefit each other. This is my perception of this wonderful initiative.

Pamini Hemaprabha

Corporate housekeeper HMH group of hotels and Executive Housekeeper of Bahi Ajman Palace

It's a great initiative I must say for women in the hospitality industry as we still have a long way to go. I am delighted to be part of it, indeed it's our baby. I am a champion for women empowerment always so anything for this noble cause will find my support. This is the beginning, look forward to great things happening on this platform, Well done lady!

Meghna Roy Nair

VP Business Development, GM Hospitality

When I joined IHMCTAN , the hospitality industry wasn’t a popular choice of career; especially for women. So, a lot of times women would feel lost and maybe still do in this male dominated field.

With the formation of IWH, getting all women under one roof gives us all strength as you don’t feel alone anymore. Learning about more and more women who have been out there and survived against all odds and are extremely successful in what they do; are getting connected on this platform gives all of us immense power.

This is a platform where we can all learn from each other, celebrate each other and help each other. We all have got empowered by being a part of IWH.

Amruta Howal

Revenue Manager - U.K region Louvre Hotels Group.

With the formation of IWH, I now know of a platform where I can celebrate women achievers and rejoice that I am an integral part of it too. I honestly did not know the excellent high fliers up until I personally saw them join the IWH one by one sketching their achievements around the world. Glad to know I have my own list of Indian women achievers to add to if asked by my British colleagues to go alongside Clare Smyth, Ruth Rogers, Nigella Lawson, Ching He Huang & Monica Galetti.Empowers me.

Ninoshka Dias

Owner Ninoshka’s Cakes, Missouri City, USA

Great job on the website !  

Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji

Chef, Mentor, Culinary Expert, Food Blogger & Author, Hospitality and Food Consultant

Through this amazing initiative taken by Ms. Laxmi Todiwan which is known as IWH- Indian Women in Hospitality. It’s given a great opportunity to reflect and reconnect with the powerhouse of energy itself called Women.

It has inspired me to do more and also witness the work of other women; that’s par excellence! The group is absolutely interesting and very wide-spread in terms of profession in Hospitality, backgrounds and cultures. This is a life changing event of self-discovery, honesty, courage and inspiration. Indeed a privilege to be friends with the incredible group of empowered women of Hospitality.What an amazing experience to grow with other women; using our strengths and conquering our weaknesses.

This would be the first time where women in hospitality have come on one platform.Absolutely honoured to be here among so many successful women with their awe-inspiring success stories.

Vidhi Vikram Kamat

Director, VITS Hotels

I am so delighted to be a part of this group which has got all the wonderful ladies in hospitality world under one roof. It truly showcases the woman power. I got to know so many talented ladies from around the globe who have created a niche for themselves in the industry. In this group I caught up with some of my friends/ seniors/ colleagues, and also got to see some iconic faces of our industry whose names I had only heard of till date. A special mention and thanks to Laxmi ma’am for giving us this platform and getting us all together.